As Low As 7 Cents Per kWh Installed !


The Solar Leasing And PPA Companies Typically Charge 12 Cents To 15 Cents Per Kilowatt Hour.

No Games, No Gimmicks And No Expensive Leases, PPAs Or Balloon Payment Loans.










Only $1.48 A Watt For A Complete Redding Solar Power System Before Incentives !


The solar leasing companies want you to believe that solar is far more expensive than what it really is. Don't believe a word of their high priced gimmicks.

Why lease a solar system when you can buy one for less that 1/2 the cost leasing and keep the 30% federal tax credit any any available financial incentives for a much better return on investment ?

Our prices on these two, high performance, name brand, grid tie solar power systems are so incredibly low that it makes absolutely no sense to even consider a solar lease.

Bring us your best written quote from SolarCity®, Verengo®,  SunPower®, Vivint®, Sungevity®, SunRun, ®Lowes®, Peterson Dean, Horizon Solar, REC Solar®, American Solar Direct or Home Depot® and we'll blow that quote right out of the water.

And speaking of Verengo® and SolarCity®, bring us their $1,000.00 off deal that they offer from time to time and we'll show you what a real discount on a name brand solar system can mean to the bottom line.

In fact in most, if not all cases, we can save you thousands while offering you a higher performance home solar system for a faster payback!



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Grid Tie Solar Kits Sale

At these incredibly low prices it make absolutely no sense for anyone to even consider an expensive solar lease or for anyone to continue to pay their high electric bills.

Why not finally say goodbye to the high cost of power by making your own free electricity with a brand new maintenance free, state of the art photovoltaic system!


                     Mitsubishi Solar Electric System


5.100 kW

Complete System !

Regularly Priced At


Now Only


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Only $1.48 A Watt Before Incentives

5.30 kW

Complete System !

With Power Optimizers That Blow Micro Inverter Performance Right Out Of The Water !

Regularly Priced At


Now Only


This Is No Misprint !

Only $2.05 A Watt Before Incentives


Renesola Solar

Renesolar Replus Inverter Logo

Spider Rax Logo Tiny

This Brand New very high performance, tier one, name brand, 5.10 kW grid tie solar electric system includes 17 high efficiency 300 Watt Polycrystalline solar panels with a 25 year factory warranty. A complete U.S. mademounting racking system with a 15 year warranty.  And anRenesola state of the art 97% CEC efficiency inverter.

With a much better 0%/+3% tolerance  rating, high strength mounting racks,

Take advantage of our limited time "SunSational offer" and we'll give you a free Permit Submission Package. Plus take advantage of our "Free in 30" offer and you'll receive your choice of  a free upgrade to our new high qualityU.S. made Spider Rax rail-less solar mounting system.

Only $1.48 per watt 

And That's Before Any
Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For Less Than 1/2 The Cost Of Leasing It !

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


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Mitsubishi Electric Solar

Spider Rax Logo Tiny

With Power Optimizers For Performance Monitoring For Every Pair Of Solar Panels And Shade Mitigation !

This Brand New ultra high performance, name brand, 5.30 kW grid tie solar electric system includes higher performanceMitsubishi Electric Black Framed Mono Crystalline solar panels with a 25 year linear factory warranty. A completeU.S. made mounting rack system with a 15 year warranty. 20 high performance SolarEdge 300 watt power optimizers with a 99.5% efficiency rating. And a SolarEdge state of the art97.5% CEC, 98.3% peak efficiency inverter.

Take advantage of our limited time "SunSational offer" and we'll give you a free Permit Submission Package. Plus take advantage of our "Free in 30" offer and you'll receive your choice of  a free upgrade to our new high quality U.S. made Spider Rax rail-less solar mounting system.

$2.05 per watt

And That's Before Any
Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For Less Than 1/2 The Cost Of Leasing It !

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


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These Grid Tie Solar Energy System Also Includes:

1. Free solar rebate application processing assistance

2. Free roof layout design assistance

3. Free lifetime technical support

4. Free single line drawings.

5. Even Includes mounting racks and with our "Free in 30" offer you'll receive your choice of a free upgrade to our new high quality U.S. madeSpider Rax rail-less solar mounting system.

 Quantities Are Limited. No Rain Checks. This Is A First Come First Served Offer.



Here's How Much Time Is Left Before The Current 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit Expires.



Remember, your system must be purchased, permitted, installed, inspected and commissioned before the deadline is reached and that takes time.


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The solar leasing companies are still using much thicker, framed solar panels with a monofacial (single sided) glass on plastic design that originated back in the 1950's.

Hyper X2 solar systems include Gen 2 solar panels that have a much thinner, less than a 1/4 inch thick, frameless, semi transparent glass on glass design that provides bifacial power production from both the front and back surfaces of the solar panel that can provide extra power production without taking up extra roof space.

While the solar leasing company's more expensive, much thicker, Gen 1 solar panels might look good on your roof today, what will your home look like at year 10 of your 20 year lease, when many of your neighbors are installing, much sleeker, Gen 2 solar panels?









That Leasing Company's Newfangled $0 Down Solar Loan Compared To Other $0 Down Solar Loans.







No Money Out Of Pocket



Balloon Payment Due

 Their loan requires you to make a 30% balloon payment that is due on June 1st the year after installation, regardless of the amount claimed in the tax credit.

 There is no balloon paymentrequired with any of the loans that we offer.

Annual Payment Increases

 Their loan includes a 2.9% annual payment increase that will raise your monthly payment by 2.9% per year,every year for the entire term of your loan.

 Their are no annual payment increases in any of the loans that we offer.

Tax Deductible Interest

 The interest payments on their loan are not tax deductible.

 The interest payments on our 
FHA Title 1 Solar loans and PACE Solar financing are
 tax deductible.

Loan Proceeds Can Be Used To 
Purchase A Lower Priced Solar System

No. The proceeds from their loan can only be used to purchase one of their
 higher priced systems.

Yes. The proceeds from our loan can 
only be used to purchase any one of our
 much lower pricedsystems.

Loan Contracts Can Be Signed For A Shorter Term Loan For Lesser 
Number Of  Interest Payments

No. The contracted term of their loan is
 30 years.

Yes. The loans that we offer can be 
signed for
 terms that vary to 
best suit your needs.










Click below for a quick, no obligation, no pressure, high
tech solar quote without the inconvenience of a salesperson in your Redding

We'll Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same, Top Of The Line Grid Tie Solar Systems, Or Your System Is Free !

Free Solar Quote 

Solar Panel Financing



Which Would You Rather Pay For The Same Size System And The Same Amount Of Power Production ?

4.75 kW System Solar Lease

4.75 kW System Solar Purchase


After 20 Years Worth Of $117.00 Per Month Lease

Your Cost $28,080

And That's Without Considering The Annual Payment Escalator Of Up To 2.9% Per Year For 20 Years.

And That's Even After, The Leasing/PPA Company Takes The 30% Federal Tax Credit, Typically Worth Over $7,500, At Their Much High Pricing And They'll Take Any Applicable Cash Rebate!



The Typical Final Cost After A Typical $1.30 Per Watt Installation Fee, Minus The 30% Federal Tax Credit.


Your Cost $10,419

And The Best Part Is That You'll Own The System For A Much Better Return On Investment.

Unlike a solar lease, you'll pay far less and you'll own your home solar system and get to keep the 30% federal tax credit and any other financial incentives for a much better return on investment.





Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Solar Storage Systems


Are you aware that the battery that one of the most popular names in the Lithium Ion battery storage industry is offering, can only output up to 2,000 watts of continuous power? That's not much more than a single hair dryer set on high.

What good is having a residential solar storage system if your continuous power output is limited by your lithium battery's chemistry and you're still using the lower efficiency, single sided, glass on plastic, aluminum framed solar panels that most of the solar leasing companies are offering ?

 A far better alternative would be to connect your home to a lower cost bifacial solar powered LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery storage system.

LiFePO storage batteries offers longer lifetimes, better power density (the rate that energy can be drawn from them) and are inherently safer.

Hyper X2 bifacial, (double sided) glass on glass, frameless, solar panels offer up to 22.2% efficiency, a 94.3% PTC to STC performance ratio, a -0.28%/degree C temperature coefficient for better performance in warm/hot climates. And a minus 60 degree C extreme cold temperature rating ?

The new 300 Watt, 60 cell solar panels that are used in these EV solar charging systems offers a better PTC to STC ratio "Real World" performance according to the California Energy Commission's performance rating listings than over 119 of SunPower's solar panel models.


The Advanced, Double Sided Solar Technology That's Specially Designed For Redding's Climate.

® !

Stores solar energy during the day to power a home at night.

Provides electricity during power outages by keeping solar systems operational.

Cloud-based web interface for real-time energy monitoring.

Provides emergency backup power during power outages.

can be uniquely programmed to react to project specific time-driven and event-driven criteria.

With unique event and time driven programmability, can be used for various types of applications such as UPS, battery back-up, and demand charge reduction.

Can be installed on a single stud and is equipped with an intuitive user interface that's makes the installation and system programming easy.

Can be monitored in real-time through cloud-based Measurz monitoring platform. 

LiFePO batteries offer improved thermal and chemical stability over other lithium-ion chemistries which improves battery safety.

LiFePO4 battery chemistry offers a longer cycle life than other lithium-ion approaches.

Better battery power density (the rate that energy can be drawn from them).

5,000 cycles at 50% DoD.

4,400 VA continuous AC output power (25° C).

Voltage range 120 VAC / 240 VAC (+ - 5%) split-phase.

Maximum continuous DC current 100 ADC.

Maximum continuous AC current 18.3 AAC.

Surge power 8,500 real watts (5 Seconds).

Certifications (UL) certified to UL 1741, 2nd edition.


Click Here To Learn More






Read Above And You Decide.



Click Here To Learn About The Many Potential Pitfalls Of Leasing A Solar System


The best tech support


Our tech support staff's knowledge of Redding Solar Power Panel applications is backed by over 17 years of experience.

We've operated one of the oldest solar repair centers in the U.S. for well over a decade so our staff knows exactly what makes a great solar product right down to the last schottky diode.

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Free Solar Quotes

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*These kWh cost estimates are based on a standard concrete tile or composition shingle roof mount installation using one of our $1.48 per watt Ecostar grid tie solar systems installed at a cost of $1.30 per watt or less with no barriers to installation that would add additional costs to the installation and are after the 30% federal tax credit has been applied to your system cost**  These calculations do take into consideration your expected cost to replace an inverter at year 11 to 13 and your expected cost for labor to possibly replace two solar modules and are calculated over a 25 year solar panel life expectancy. These kWh costs for energy estimates do not consider the cost of financing should you decide to borrow the money to purchase your system and does not consider any possible return on investment if you had decided to invest your money elsewhere. The estimated cost for an average sized, installed  4.7 kW Ecostar solar system after applying the 30% federal tax credit is less than $10,000. Your kilowatt hour costs may vary and are dependant on system performance. Solar system performance is based on many factors. One such factor which may negatively impact your solar system's performance is the availability of peak sunshine. Peak sunshine is defined as sunshine which is available during clear sky conditions between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. The 5 hour peak sunshine energy production examples depicted on this website are meant for estimation purposes only and may not be applicable to your specific installation, and are typical only for certain areas of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Your site's number of peak sunshine hours and your solar system's performance will vary depending on factors such as, geographic location, the angle at which your solar panels are tilted, time of year, degree of annual cloud cover, pollutants in the air, dirt and guano (bird droppings) build up on the solar modules, time of day, solar module age and condition, the quality of your installation, obstacles to sunlight such as trees and buildings, and the direction (azimuth) that the solar modules are pointed at. Your results may vary. Please read our sales policy for more information. These factors are beyond the control of Nationwide Solar, Inc. and thus Nationwide Solar, Inc. makes no representation as to how your system will perform in your specific installation.

**Please see you accountant or tax preparer to make sure that you qualify for the 30% federal tax credit.